Recutting and Refreshing

While tailoring limitations exist, our shop has the ability to recut and restyle garments and do extensive alterations that most cannot. We can also refresh dress shirts with new collars and cuffs. 

Our tailor shop can produce patterns and create completely hand-made garments in a limited fashion and basis.

Associate Fittings
Fittings are conducted by our highly-skilled and experienced sales associates. Our team has been trained in fitting, measuring, and marking clothing to ensure that all questions, needs, and expectations are communicated to the customer. If needed, one of our master tailors will be consulted to fit a garment. 
Turnaround varies on schedule and volume. Basic alterations are generally completed within one week. Major alterations typically require 2 to 3 weeks. Rush requests are accommodated when able. 
Initial alterations and fitting for garments purchased from Guffey’s are included in the cost of regular-priced clothing. 
We welcome the opportunity to tailor garments purchased elsewhere. Our pricing is comparable and competitive to other tailor shops.